a Busan based halal cosmetic brand now turning to overseas markets

halalmedia | Posted 2020/03/21 [18:01]

a Busan based halal cosmetic brand now turning to overseas markets

halalmedia | 입력 : 2020/03/21 [18:01]

Toas, a Busan based halal cosmetic brand, is now turning to overseas markets.


Toas has been word of mouth among specialists and is currently entering over 100 hospitals in Busan. According to Mr. Chung Soo Bok, CEO of Toas, it was not easy to change the existing product. However, the price was cheaper and it was difficult for hospitals to ignore Toas, which had no lag in performance.


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Toas, which has gained a reputation as a “skin care cosmetic,” has also entered the online market based on this reputation. Toas' Rejuvenation Regeneration Cream, which is used for post-procedure regeneration in hospitals, has no special marketing, but has become a bestseller with more than 100,000 sold. He said, “More than 40 are sold steadily a day even though it is due to word of mouth from people who have used it in hospitals.


In August of last year, Toas opened a duty-free shop in Incheon Airport, Centum Shinsegae, and Nampo-dong, followed by Lotte Department Store in Seomyeon, Busan. Its competitive position in duty-free and department stores showed its competitiveness.


Already certified by CPNP (European Permit Certification), CFDA (Chinese Sanitation Permit), FDA (US Permit), and TRCU (Russia), they are confident in their quality so that they can be approved for overseas export from each country. It is the first in the cosmetics manufacturing industry to receive Hong Kong APHC Halal certification. With this confidence in quality, foreign buyers are showing interest in Toas.


"It seems to have been highly evaluated in that it uses only natural extracts without using chemical ingredients," said Chung. "Recently, sales are increasing mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia."

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