A Korean cosmeceutical product has acquired Halal certification

halalmedia | Posted 2020/03/21 [20:23]

A Korean cosmeceutical product has acquired Halal certification

halalmedia | 입력 : 2020/03/21 [20:23]

ZENOTRI a cosmeceutical brand sold by Chromach, a company specializing in genetic analysis, has obtained halal certification.


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Halal means 'good thing that God allows' in Arabic. Halal certified products include foods, medicines and cosmetics produced in a way that is recognized by Islamic law. Halal certification is one of the most demanding certifications because Muslims must use halal products.


Chromach said that the halal certification is an essential element to enter the Islamic market, which boasts a population of about 2 billion. Given the growing potential, Chromach said that the present was judged to be timely for halal certification.


With the acquisition of this Halal certification, Chromah expects to publicize the safety and technological excellence of cosmeceutical products, ZENOTRI, and at the same time, further accelerate its entry into the Islamic market, a blue ocean including the Malaysian market.


Meanwhile, Chromach is a genetic analysis company that currently operates healthcare-related genetic testing services based on nanoscale microscopic sample analysis technology and special polymerase technology developed through the selection of a youth startup academy school project by the Small and Medium Business Corporation.


(article source: http://www.it-b.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=37760)

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