Binggrae "Banana flavor milk"

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Binggrae "Banana flavor milk"

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  • Company name: Binggrae
  • Company overview: Binggrae ensures production and distribution network of refrigerated and frozen. Through ice cream(frozen) business and milk and fermented milk(refrigerated) business, Binggrae has ensured the stable foundation of profit, and through export of snacks(room-temperature), Binggrae has the possibility of sustainable growth (from Binggrae's homepage)
  • Brand Name: Binggrae
  • Company address: 45, Dasansunhwan-ro, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Homepage:
  • Product type: flavored milk
  • Halal certification: KMF(Korea Islam)
  • Halal product name:  Banana and others various flavor milk
  • Business contact:
  • Reference link: 
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