A Korean halal body signed with IFANCA on two logo system

halalmedia | Posted 2020/04/04 [13:00]

A Korean halal body signed with IFANCA on two logo system

halalmedia | 입력 : 2020/04/04 [13:00]

KOHAS, a Korean halal certification body(Chairman Young-chan Cho), announced on the 3rd of April that it has signed an agreement with IFANCA, a global halal certification agency, and agreed to operate the 'Two Logos System' (hereinafter referred to as TLS), a multi-certification issuance program.


In the existing mutual recognition agreement stage, it only passively accepts the authentication effect of the partner organization, while TLS automatically issues the halal authentication of the partner organization. Applicants will obtain both organization's certification logos, and can be used selectively according to the business environment. In the future, plants that newly apply for or renew IFANCA Halal Certification in Korea will carry out all procedures in Korea through the KOHAS.


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IFANCA is a non-profit private corporation founded in the United States in 1982. IFANCA is engaged in halal certification, consumer support, halal research and development, and community contribution activities. In particular, it has issued halal certification to more than 3,000 manufacturers around the world based on about 30 years of experience in halal certification. In Korea, many famous brand products such as chocolate confectionery, soy milk and dairy products are entering the overseas halal market based on the IFANCA Halal Certification.


Existing companies that already have IFANCA Halal certification or KOHAS Halal certification will acquire additional Halal certifications from other organizations on the premise that they meet the common requirements for certification under TLS.


"The world's Muslim markets that control overseas halal accreditation labeling are around Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates, and IFANCA is an halal certification agency accredited by these three countries," said Young-Chan Cho, Chairman of the KOHAS. "The agreement is a groundbreaking program for issuing certificates from both institutions at the same time, so it is expected to be a practical help for Korean companies to enter the halal market."


Source: http://www.fsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=37363

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