Duwon Cooperative's Honey Citron Tea

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Duwon Cooperative's Honey Citron Tea

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  • Company name: Duwon Agricultural Cooperative Citron Processing Center
  • Company business: Honey citron pickles tea and other fruit pickles tea manufacturer 
  • Company type: OEM/ ODM manufacturer
  • Company address: #2418, Goheung-gun, Goheung-ro, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
  • Homepage: www.uja.co.kr 
  • Product type: liquid tea(honey fruit pickles tea)
  • Halal certification: JAKIM (Malaysia)
  • Halal certified products:  honey citron tea, honey aloe tea, honey jujube tea, and honey ginger tea, aloe tea, pear quince tea, plum tea
  • Business contact: 061-833-4989
  • Reference link: http://halalmedia.kr/76
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