Seoul creates a halal food culture street in Itaewon

halalmedia | Posted 2020/04/30 [13:06]

Seoul creates a halal food culture street in Itaewon

halalmedia | 입력 : 2020/04/30 [13:06]

'Halal Food Mecca' Itaewon is planning to have a unique cultural street. Seoul's Yongsan-gu (Yongsan District) Office decided to launch the Itaewon Halal Food Culture Street (Usadan-ro, Usadan-ro 10-gil) by October, 2020. This is to revitalize the local economy, which was depressed by COVID19. The construction section is 500 m from 196 Itaewon-ro (Itaewon 119 Safety Center) in Yongsan-gu, near the central Islamic Masjid (39 Usadan-ro 10-gil) to 732-19 Hannam-dong (Rose Apartment). 


▲ The Central Mosque located in Itaewon and a halal restaurant     © halalmedia

An official said, “the Yongsan-gu Office will expand the narrow sidewalk, improve the old street environment, and provide comfort to tourists from all over the world looking for halal food.” The central Islamic mosque, the headquarters of Korean Islam, was established in 1976. A Muslim community is formed in the vicinity, and there are about 50 halal restaurants and grocery stores. Muslim tourists often visit Itaewon to eat while traveling in Seoul. It has been reported that there are also many Korean visitors looking for exotic and healthy taste.


In 2017, Yongsan District made a map of the halal restaurants in Korean, English and Arabic. The map included store photos, addresses, and phone numbers so that the status of the halal restaurants can be checked at a glance. At the back of the map, famous places such as the National Museum of Korea were introduced and local tourism was linked. 


▲ A map of Itaewon     © halalmedia

The head of the Yongsan-gu office said, “The district is doing its best to revitalize the commercial area in the region that is facing difficulties due to COVID 19. The Halal food culture street will provide convenience to Muslim tourists as well as domestic tourists who want new experiences.” In addition to the Halal Food Culture Street in the District, ▲ Itaewon Tourism Special Street [World Food Street (Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil), Vietnam Quinon-gil (Bogwang-ro 59-gil)] reorganization project ▲ Gyeongdandan-gil (Hammo-Ro), regeneration project ▲ The Hannam-dong Cafe Street (Itaewon-ro 54-gil) linked to Yongsan Craft Center construction project are also under way. 


The History of Yongsan-gu

Located in the central part of Seoul, Yongsan borders Namsan on the northeast and Hangang on the southwest. Yongsan is a region with a historic background, treasuring traditions handed down from ancient times. The oldest record of Yongsan as the name of a place could be found in a story where two dragons appeared over Hangang in the 21st year of Kichal of Baekje, and the name of Yongsan (dragon mountain) was taken as the surrounding mountains looked like a dragon. (source= Yongsan-gu Office Homepage) 


The History of Itaewon

The word Itaewon derived from the name of a government-run inn in the Chosun dynasty. Nowadays the area is known as Itaewon because of its abundant pear trees, the Chinese character  meaning "pear." According to ancient records, the area was also written using other hanja transcriptions, such as 李泰院, and 異胎院. (source=

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