Why Korean ancient methods are used for halal red chili paste

halalmedia | Posted 2020/05/01 [01:10]

Why Korean ancient methods are used for halal red chili paste

halalmedia | 입력 : 2020/05/01 [01:10]

Gochujang is a spicy red chili paste made with traditional Korean fermentation methods. Gochujang is an indispensable ingredient in Korean cuisine. Korean food that has a spicy taste, such as bibimbap, tteokbokki, and chicken ribs, must contain gochujang.


As Korean food is gaining popularity around the world, Korean red pepper paste(gochujang) is also exported overseas. There are several gochjang products that are halal certified for Muslim consumers. Onggojip is one of those halal gochujang. 


▲ Ongojip halal certified hot red pepper sauce made with Korean traditional methods© halalmedia


Onggojip is the name of a protagonist of an ancient novel and is famous for being a stubborn person. In Korea taday, people who are stubborn are called Ongojip. The reason the company named itself and its products Onggojip seems to emphasize making the product by sticking to the traditional method.  


Located in Gunsan City, about 200 kilometers southwest of Seoul, Onggojip gochujang is made by a traditional fermentation method using Onggi, a traditional earthenware jar. Onggojip opens its site to the public to inform them about the fermentation and manufacturing process of gochujang.


▲ Gochujang is made using Onggi, a traditional earthenware jar     © halalmedia

Lee Ki-won, CEO of Onggojib emphasized, "Even if the years change, the taste of the market does not change." "We are renowned for the taste and quality of the Korean red chili paste by adhering to the traditional meth
od passed by our ancestors," She said. She is proud to say that she is immersed in a traditional way, with the idea of ​​"we will not make it if it is not the best."  


▲ Ms. Lee Ki-won, CEO of Onggojip     © halalmedia

Ongojip's products are exported to Asia with halal marks, as well as to the United States.


If you are interested in partnership with Onggojib, check the company's directory: 


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