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"The need of understanding the Muslim culture rather than just fo…

527 2018.07.02 17:31

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Dr James Noh from KIHI

According to Professor Lee Won Sam (Professor of International Relation at the Sunmoon University, the need of understanding the Muslim Culture is really important as Halal Market arose and growing fast in South Korea. This is because, the Halal industry in Korea need to undertand the basic concept of Halal and the Muslim culture in order to suppresed and overpower the halal market or Halal Industry. 

In the seminar that being held last saturday, He also mentioned that currently there are 1.8 bilion or Muslim population all over the world and the majority of the people are Muslims in 57 Countries. Moreover, Dr James Noh from Korea Institute of Halal Industry (KIHI) also mentioned that currently Thailand has been one of major countries that produce Halal Products. Thailand known as a Buddhist country that embraces Muslim cultures. That is why, we should openly receive and invite the Muslim tourists and in order to develop the Halal Industry in Jeju. On top of that, we should understand the Muslims culture and basis of Muslim, then we can proceed with other sector in order to cater the Muslim tourists needs. 

Fore more details, you can visit the page through link above.

Derived from Jemin Daily News

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