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4th International Halal Cosmetic Seminar in Korea

172 2019.07.19 18:27

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At a special seminar to be held on August 2, 2019 at COEX, Seoul, we will have an opportunity to look at emerging Halal cosmetics market trends, identify the current status of Korean cosmetics, and learn about the Halal cosmetics market in Southeast Asia. 

Particularly, a new halal certification system will be introduced by the chairman of the new halal certification body of Indonesia which is about to implement the system in October.

The seminar(4th Korea International Halal Cosmetic Seminar) is hosted by the Ministry of Food, Drug and Safety of Korea and managed by KIHI(Korea Institute of Halal Industry). 


Professor Sukoso, Chairman of BPJPH, Prof. Winai, Founding Director of Halal Science Center- Chulalongkorn University and Dr. Risyawati, the UUM University in Malaysia are going to explain the recent issues about halal certification relating to halal cosmetics. Dr. James Noh from KIHI is also going to make a presentation titled "Emerging Halal Cosmetic Market and Positioning of Korean Cosmetics". 

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