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Korean ramen dominating Indonesian import market

490 2018.03.30 16:44

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Korean instant noodles has established a foothold in Indonesian market.

(Korean ramen being displayed on the shelf of a supermarket in Indonesia)


Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) explained recent trend of instant noodles market in Indonesia.

Instant noodles that is consumed from Indonesia in 2016 were 13 billion packs in total (statistics of World instant noodles Association) which is the world’s second largest after China.

A manufacturer of Indonesian processed food ‘Indofood’ is the biggest production company of world instant noodles.

About 90% of produced ramen which is for domestic market can be found easily in all over the country. Since costs are inexpensive they are widely consumed regardless of incomes. The rest are exported to Africa, the Middle East, Australia, China and the United States.

In Indonesia domestic brands like Indofood are influential but imported ramen from foreign countries are also popular. Korean instant noodles have overwhelmingly comprised the imports in Indonesia. Last September there was the first Indonesian MUI certified ramen by Korean company.

Officials of aT said “Recently there are some products that obtained MUI certification and It is expected to expand sales by active marketing from now on.”

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