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Shinsegae target 1 trillion dollar halal food market

485 2018.05.04 17:54

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Shinsegae Food Co. started to target halal food market which amounts to 1200 trillion won (1.1 trillion U$ dollars) worldwide.

On 16th Shinsegae Food Co. said 'Daebak Ramen spicy kimchi flavor’, 'Daebak Ramen seasoned chicken flavor’ got halal certification from Malaysia Islam development department which are made by a local joint venture company that Shinsegae founded with Mamee Double Decker.


Shinsegae Food Co. chose ramen as first product among Korean foods to enter Southeast Asia.

In particular they reproduced Korean kimchi stew flavor by developing rich flavored liquid sauce rather than using existing powder soup.

Shinsegae Food Co. is going to spread Korean food culture to Southeast Asia taking this halal certification.

For this, they are going to promote actively by taking 260 free sampling event with launching ‘Daebak Ramen’ in Malaysia from the end of the month.

Besides next year they will export products which are made by halal certified red pepper paste and sauce to Southeast Asia and in the long term they will expand their business to eating out, bakery and fresh food.

(source: http://www.fnnews.com/news/201804161700236428)



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