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Easy to Travel with Seoul Subway

574 2018.06.19 14:12

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South Korea is very famous with their effective and efficient Public Transport whether it is BUS, Subway, Train, or Taxi. Due to that, it is really does give a huge impact as it ease the people of South Korea and also the Tourists who travelled to South Korea.

In Seoul, BUS, SUBWAY and TAXI can be used using T-money or cash as all Public Transport used smart payment system (RFID and NFC technology) and any fraud can be avoid.

Seoul Metropolitan Subway is a metropolitan railway system that consist

-       22 Rapid Transit

-       Light metro

-       Commuter Rail

-       21 lines (network)

Seoul Subway has been described as the world’s longest multi-operator metro system by route length and the system was rated as one of the world’s best subway systems by CNN as:

-       All directional signs were written in Korean, English and Hanja

-       Includes many LCD screens for Services announcements, upcoming stop names, upcoming stations, any possible line transfer, the existing side and many more in Korean, followed by English

-       The network is one of the largest and efficient with wireless and internet services on all trains and platform screen doors at the majority of stations and include real-time information at every station.

Apps for Seoul Metropolitan Subway were available for smartphone and all the trains include air conditioning and climate controlled seats installed that automatically heated in the winter.

credit to Wikipedia

SEOUL METROPOLITAN SUBWAY MAP1daae70371a78c2ab59e6ca8f497b35c_1529385099_5406.jpg

Credit to lookatkorea.com
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