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Malaysian Guesthouses in Seoul, South Korea

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Malaysian Guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea


South Korea is one of famous countries for Malaysian Tourists. There are several Malaysian guesthouse that you can stay and most of the guesthouses, the owner was Malaysian Muslim. So do not worry regarding prayer and halal food as they will provide the facilities and information for you to enjoy your stay in Seoul, South Korea.

So, here we will give some information regarding guesthouse that Malaysian can book to feel like home.

Guesthouse Name



Halal Korea House


Address  : 227-16, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, 

              Seoul, Korea

Contact  : (+82) 010-4267-8821 /

              (+60) 012-336-2468

Websites : http://halalkoreahouse.blogspot.com/

              FB (Halal Korea House Malaysian Guesthouse)

              Instagram : Halalkoreahouse

-  Malaysian Muslim 


-  Muslim facilities 

  provided including halal food

-  Affordable prices

LeReen Guesthouse


Address  : 3rd Floor, 24-25, Usadan-ro 4-gil, 

              Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact  : (+82) 010-4333-3970/

              (+60) 017-363-6063

Websites : FB (LeReen Guesthouse)

              Instagram : LeReen Guesthouse

-  Malaysian Muslim owner

-  Fully Furnished 


-  Private room provided

-  Muslim Facilities 


-  Affordable prices for 


Villanoras Malaysian Guesthouse


Address  : 136-12, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, 

              Seoul, Korea

Contact  : (+82) 010-5969-8935 /

(+60) 019-228-0615

Websites : FB (Villanoras Malaysian Guesthouse 

              itaewon Seoul)

              Instagram : villanorasgh_itaewon

-  Malaysian Muslim owner

-  Fully furnished 


-  Muslim facilities 


-  Affordable price for 


FNSquared Malaysian Guesthouse


Address  : GANGNAMGU SINSADONG 634-8, 

              Seoul, Korea

Contact  : (+82) 010-8395-5711

Websites : https://www.fnhouseseoul.com/

              FB (Malaysian Guesthouse in Seoul – 


              Instagram : Fnsquaredseoul

-  Malaysian Muslim owner

-  Established in 2015 and also provide Muslim tour and Muslim car/ van 


-  Located in Gangnam and near Korean 

  entertainment (KPOP)

Muslim-Friendly Guesthouse

Some of the guesthouses were Muslim-friendly as they provided facilities for Muslim and one of the owners for the guesthouse were Korean Muslim.

Guesthouse Name



EID Muslim 



Address  : 67-20, Usadan-ro 4-gil, Yongsan-gu, 

             Seoul, Korea

Contact  : (+82) 010-6395-5711

Websites : FB (Eid Muslim guesthouse Seoul)

              Instagram : eidguesthouseseoul

-  Korean Muslim owner

-  Muslims-friendly 

  facilities provided

-  EID halal restaurant also available

-  Separated gender 

  dormitory available

Boa Travel House

Address  : 15, Sinchon-ro 1-gil, Seodaemun-gu, 

             Seoul, Korea (03785)

Contact  : (+82) 02-323-6255

Websites : http://www.boatravelhouse.com/eng

FB (Boa Travel House, Hongdae of 


          Instagram : boatravelhouse

-  Muslim Friendly Travel 

   House located in 

   Hongdae, Seoul

-  Muslim Tour guide also available

-  Halal Korean Food 

  Dosirak is their Halal 


To all Muslim out there, do not worry as Seoul has a Muslim-friendly Guesthouse.

P/s: If you guys have new information or anything to suggest regarding Halal and Muslim-friendly in Seoul, just leave the comment below.

Thank You.

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