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Prayer Room Available at SEOULLAND

555 2018.08.13 10:32

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Did you kow that Seoulland has Musolla (Islamic Prayer Room)?

YES! Seoulland do provide Musolla for Muslims who visits Seoulland and the place for prayer is very spacious and taken care in a good condition.
if you wish to used this Musolla, you need to ask the infomation counter as they will open for you.
the location for the musolla is at the middle east area (next to 7 eleven) 5 minutes after the entrance gate.

Seoulland is the First Korean Amusement Park opened in 1988 right before the Seoul Olympic Games1988. This Amusement Parks provides different kinds of characters and unique themes which is
1. The World Plaza
2. Adventure Land
3. Fantasy Land
4. Tomorrow Land 
5. Samchulli Hills and others.

This place is very suitable to all generations including kids, youngsters, adult, family and so on adn near with Seoul Grand Park's Zoo and Botanical Garden, National Museum of Contempporary Art and Gwancheon national Science Museum. 
The also many kind of festivals all over the year from wintern, spring, summer and autumn season.
For more details, you can visit the Homepage at the given link above.

The image shows inside of Musolla (Islamic Prayer Room) in Seoulland

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