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K-POP grabs UAE & Saudi young tourists

735 2018.03.26 15:31

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It is shown that 20~34 years old tourists of UAE and Saudi Arabia’s millennials have a lot of interests in K-Pop tour among experiencing Korean modern culture.

According to ‘the marketing strategy report to attract Middle East tourist’ that is written by Evermintpartners to which Korea Tourism Organization has requested, K-Pop tour got the highest points with 3.75 out of 5.

The number of subjects was 260 from UAE and 204 from Saudi Arabia.

(Photo= Yonhapnews)

K-Pop tour is the travel package that contains learning origin and history of Korean Wave by looking around K-Pop region and visiting K-Star roads or SM-town and MBC World.

Visiting fish market took first place in interesting parts of Korean unique food and food culture.

Traditional food got 3.63 points, seasonal food scored 3.63 points and street food which scored 3.54 followed.

UAE and Saudi Arabia’s millennials were most interested in late-night clothes shopping(3.99) which is followed by Korea Grand Sale(3.96), duty-free shopping(3.96) and cosmetic shopping(3.71).

Skiing and snowboarding recorded 4.08 points which means that they are the highest interesting sports and leisure.

Climbing scored 3.97, cycling scored 3.93 and trekking got 3.87 points.


(Source=Yonhapnews 2018. 2. 18.


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