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Islamic Center of Daejeon (ICD)

619 2018.07.24 16:51

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We interviewed from one of the comittee in Islamic Center of Daejeon, The owner of Halal restaurant and Halal mart on how Muslim live in Daejeon area. Daejeon is actually a place where many muslims come to further their study as in Daejeon, alots of universities, research institute.

Islamic Center of Daejeon (ICD) is one the centres where muslim gather as to perform prayers, celebrate Muslims celebration, buy Halal products and many more. They mentioned that ICD helps to ease the problems of Muslims who lives in Daejeon especially in term of receiving Halal goods and products, a place to ease their obligatory act and place where Muslims can gather and unite. 

one of the respondents who stayed more than 10 years in Daejeon said that getting Halal food is the most concern issues in the old days, but its getting better every year especially in term of getting Halal ingredients, the existance of Halal restaurant and how people in that area were more open than before, 

"Its really hard to get Halal food in here and find a halal restaurant except in ICD's area, where you can just find 2/3 halal restaurants and 2 halal mart. But it's getting better every year as people were more understand regarding Halal and noticed us (muslim community who lived here)." said Zul from ICD.



We hope that it will getting better than now, where Muslims can live without worries in South Korea.

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