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Celebrating Eid-ul Adha in Seoul, Korea

560 2018.08.21 14:12

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Photos of Halal Media Korea

21st August 2018 is the special day for Muslims all aroung the world including Muslims who lives and travel to South Korea.  Seoul, South Korea Moque (Seoul Central Mosque) has announced that the prayer for Eid-ul Adha is today!

The Prayer started at 9am and many Muslim have gather around the mosque as early as 7 to 8 am in the morning as the imam started to takbir for eidul adha. To add, many muslim arrived early to save a spot for prayer, especially for men as the place is not big enough to accommodate all Muslims and More than 800 Muslims gather in Seoul Central Mosque to pray. 

After the prayer done, we listen to the speech (Khutbah) for about 10 minutes, then all muslms shake and hug each others to wish "Eid Mubarak". 

Some of Pictures from Seoul Central Mosque today. (Halal Media Korea)

Some muslims having a onversation and start to introduce them self to each others because in Islam, every muslims in our brothers and sisters no matter what colours you are, what background or country you are and Everyone become ONE.

On this special days, we hope that all of you were in the best health and have a nice day! 

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