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Halal Snacks From Korea

1,775 2018.09.03 17:07

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When you visit to South Korea, of course you want to bring something back to your own country, right?

but as a muslims, its hard right?

especially their snacks right?

But Worry no more, 

i just get a good news from Muslim Students Associaltion of Korea (MSAK) that there is a some snacks that Muslims are safe to eat and bought!


The snacks products are from Crown brand

P/S: for all the info given above is only part of the amended version. 

here is the 4 kinds of Korean Snacks that Muslims can buy, eat and even you can as souvenirs.


You can easily find this products in convenient stores and other supermarket in Korea. 

Enjoy and have fun in Korea dear brothers and sisters!

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