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Halal Food Festival 2018 in COEX, Seoul Korea

480 2018.08.14 10:39

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Image derived from Facebook Halal Korea 

In conjunction of Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2018, Halal Food Festival 2018 that hosted by Korea Tourism Organization will collaborate with Korea Halal Trade expo 2018.This is because, Halal Food has been one of the essential part went people travelling and in Korean, people of course want to experience trying Korean Food but it need to be Halal and due to this, Hope people can easily learn and experience Korean food culture and its 100% HALAL.

Halal Food Festival will start from 16th August 2018 until 18th August 2018 (10 am- 5 pm) in COEX Hall A, Seoul Korea. This event will include kinds of activities for people to participate such as Cooking Class, Halal Food Cafeteria, K-Food Demonstration. In addition, they can also experiencing wearing Hanbok (Korean Traditional clothes) and K-Beauty especially for the visitors who come and some cultural performance.

This event will be organized for those who are interested in learning Korean culture especially Korean Food and get a free taste of Korean Halal food.

For your information, you need to register for free cooking class. Visitors can find the link above or you can visit Facebook Halal Korea. 

See You There!

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