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SNU to offer halal food to Muslim students from April

644 2018.03.08 20:49

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Muslim students of Seoul National University("SNU") can have halal food in campus from April this year.

 (the main gate of Seoul National University and SNU's mark)

SNU announced on March 2 that the university appointed a contractor by tender who will offer halal food to the university's Muslim students. halal food will be served at the halal food corner of Gamgol Sikdang(restaurant) from April 2.

The price ranges from 4,500 ~ 5,000 won which is comparatively cheaper according to a university source. 

He said Muslim students can enjoy a variety of halal food from Korean food to traditional food. He also revealed a plan to develop the menu reflecting Muslim students' opinion.

SNU will make Gamgol Sikdang as the global food zone which will be loved by non-Muslim students as well as Muslim students from overseas countries. 

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