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"We are not going to starve"

487 2018.05.05 20:30

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Cooking methods differ from the region so they are going to make different foods for each day. 


At lunch time, Muslim students gathered to Gamgol restaurant of Seoul National University.

This day the University cafeteria provided halal food for the first time.

Halal is Arabic which means ‘God approved’ and halal food is produced and cooked by Islamic law.

The menu was Shami lamb kebab which is the Middle east halal food. It contained lamb cooked like hamburger steak, fried rice and curry.

(kebab. the photo is not related with the content of  this article)

Muslim student Muhammad Rideuwan from Indonesia beamed and said “Now it’s fortunate that i’m not going to worry about starving.”

To Muslim students, meal was the big problem in school life.

Usually they eat meals by buying ingredients from Itaewon but during exam season they have no time to do so they only eat vegetables and snacks.


Seoul National University prepared thoroughly to satisfy Muslim student about halal food.

First they investigated Muslim student’s nationality. For example, Indonesian Muslim prefer nasi goreng and the Middle East Muslim prefer more meat.

The restaurant will serve different halal food each day of the week.

(Source: http://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1RY3N4EXA9) 


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