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derived from: Kampungku Restaurant Official Facebook Page

Kampungku Malaysian Restaurant established in early 2017. The owner is a Malaysian that is why the restaurant selling variety of Malaysian food and some of Korean food. KampungKu Restaurant is located in Myeongdong and has gained their Halal certification from Saudi Arabia, Korea Muslim Federation and many more. Thus it is can be prove that this restaurant is a Halal Restaurant. Many Malaysian who traveled to Seoul, South Korea will eat in this restaurant. The review and feedback from the customer were all good and positive. nad you can make reservation first as this restaurant always full of people. 

So, why not you try it and it worth to try.

For more information regarding KampungKu Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant, do visit their official Facebook page through the link given

Address : Myeongdong Namsan-dong 2-ga Imsil Pizza & Chicken 1st level (3.47 mi),

Seoul, Korea (MyeongDong Station Exit 3)

Menu    : Malaysian and Korean Food

Tel       : 02-310-9249

Halal     : Halal Restaurant

Operation Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Price Range: Food is from 7,000\ to 20,000\

Drinks from 2,000\ to 5,000\.

Dessert from 4,000\ to 6,000\

Location KampungKu Restaurant


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